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I'm Scared

You take me to the party, you put me on the stand
You're pumpin' up my heart to the beatin' of the band
You toss it in the air and you don't care where it lands
You take it - you break it - you're hurtin' me
Because I wasn't prepared
I couldn't go where you dared
You got my whole soul bared
I never knew that you cared
No it just ain't fair
I'm scared.....
You take me out to dinner and you swallow me whole
You're nothin but a sinner with a dark black soul
I figured I could handle you but I'm just a toy
You're gettin bolder and bolder
You're just a bad bad boy
Because I wasn't prepared (I''m scared I'm scared)
I couldn't go where you dared (I'm scared I'm scared)
You got my whole soul bared (I'm so so scared)
I never knew that you cared (yeah yeah yeah)
I'm scared.....
What you starin at, you're such a scaredy cat
When I know that I just can't fight it
So what you starin at, you're such a scaredy cat
'Cos I'm only scared that maybe I might like it
Chaos karaoke-do your own thing but try the
I'm scared to move, I'm scared of standing still
I'm scared to change, I'm scared to stay the same
I'm so scared I want to die
I'm scared of dying
I'm scared of not being liked, not being loved
I'm scared to be alone
I'm scared of being with people
I'm scared of disapproval
I'm scared of life
I'm scared to lose what I have built
I'm scared of feeling scared
I'm scared of being ugly, being boring, being dull
I'm scared of my thoughts
I'm scared of being found out
I'm scared of Steven Berkoff
I'm scared to dance, I'm scared to speak, to sing
I'm scared my body's awkward, the wrong shape,
wrong smell
I'm scared to say what I think
I'm scared to say no, or yes too often
I'm scared of disappointing
I'm scared of losing control
I'm scared of pain, I'm scared of hurting, being hurt
I'm scared this will go on 'til I die
I'm scared of losing my home, my love, my kids, my
kids, my kids
I'm scared my heart will break
I'm scared of losing myself
I'm scared of finding myself
Because there might be no one there at all
I'm scared of the unknown future
I'm scared to make a wrong turn
I'm scared of the dark
I'm scared of failing
I'm scared it may be all for nothing
You take me to the limit, you push me to the brink
You left me with the blues when you found me in the
You know just what you're sayin but your metaphors
I gotta lick it, or stick it
Or this is the end
Because I wasn't prepared...
I couldn't go where you dared...
You got my whole soul bared...
I never knew that you cared...
I'm scared.....